Welcome to NLCA

New Life Christian Academy (NLCA) is located in Mukarange sector, Kayonza district, Eastern province of Rwanda. New Life Christian Academy is a registered school with the Ministry of Education since 2004. It is one of many educational branches of Africa New Life Ministries based in Kigali under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Charles Mugisha. This pioneer school began off as a nursery and primary school and throughout these sixteen years, it has been performing exceptionally well at the national level. It was in 2009, that the primary section gave birth to the Ordinary level secondary section. Come 2011, the O’ level school was ranked as the best school at the national levels. The 2011 success of the O’ level section gave way for the Advanced Level with seven combinations, i.e. HEG, PCB, MCB, MCE, MPG, HGL, PCM, BCG, and MPC.

Our Vision

To provide a holistic Christian education that is affordable and provides equal opportunities to all Children of Rwanda.

Our Mission

New Life Christian Academy is a Christ centred bible based educational institution focusing on inspiring each student/learner to

pursue excellence in character, academics and service to God and the nation.

Our Programs

Primary Section

Provides a nurturing and engaging environment for young learners to develop a strong foundation in academic and social skills. Offers a comprehensive curriculum and innovative teaching methods to create a positive and supportive learning environment.

Secondary Section

Divided into two levels - Ordinary Level (O level) and Advanced Level (E level). Offers a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum with modern teaching methods and excellent facilities to prepare students for academic excellence, critical thinking, and personal growth.

Our Core Values

  • Academic Excellence
  • Charactoer Development
  • Community Service
  • Coorperate Culture and teamwork
  • Prayer
  • Love and Acts of Compassion
  • Stewardship
  • Generosity
  • Integrity

School Facilities

Science Laboratory

Computer Lab


Why You Should Choose Us

Holistic growth approach

Individualized growth

Inclusive community

Outstanding facilities