Computer Lab

Our lives are so influenced by technology today that it is important that the children are scientifically and technologically literate. The school has a computer lab with internet and tools to help students scale their technology skills.

Our students are trained on advanced software like MS Office, Web Designing, Visual Basic, Oracle etc. Apart from these, computers are also used as a knowledge imparting tool to teach various subjects to students using multimedia tools.



New Life Christian Academy, fosters a reading culture and helps students and staff use ideas, information and technology effectively. It is a well-organized library; well-spaced and well set. It is a well-stocked library with a borrowing section that enables learners to extend their reading beyond the library premises. It has other sections ranging from textbooks and reference books to fiction and general knowledge.Since the school aims at making learning a fun activity, there is an assortment of books and magazines available on general topics and separate sections for hobby-related books; travel, animal care, short stories, drama, poetry, astrology, and other topics.


Science Labs

The school has well-stocked Physics, Biology, and Chemistry laboratories.  The labs are well built, safe, spacious, and well equipped with all chemicals and equipment.

Each of the laboratories has the teaching/learning sessions. Each laboratory accommodates about 20 to 30 pupils per sitting