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Dear Parents/Guardians:

On behalf of NLCA, I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We sincerely appreciate you for your relentless effort and support in keeping our children at school from the start of the academic year to date when schools close again. All students are expected back to school on the date the ministry of Education will announce. We wish our students good holidays.

General school requirements for boarding students

  • Enough counter books and pens
  • 1 ream of paper
  • Box file
  • A mathematical set and a scientific calculator
  • 1 Bucket
  • 1 tin of Vaseline @ student
  • 4 bars of washing soap @ student
  • Tooth brush and enough toothpaste @ student
  • 1 pair of black shoes.
  • 4 pairs of white socks(girls)and 4 pairs of black socks(boys)
  • 1 tin of shoe polish and shoe brush @ student
  • 8 rolls of toilet paper @ student
  • An English Bible (Good News Version)
  • Four packets of sanitary pads(girls)
  • Nicker peg (girls)
  • A mosquito net and beddings.
  • 4 White t-shirts and 4 Black trousers for the weekend and prep
  • A bucket
  • A Mopping stick


  • A lot of renovations have been done on the school campus.
  • New Basket ball pitch was built in the school campus to booster sports
  • Academic performance was very good for the academic year 2021/2022
  • Various pass ways were made in school connecting different places
  • New text books were bought to boost teaching and learning activities
  • About 100 computers were aquired in addition to what we have help facilitate ICT in school

SCHOOL FEES  FOR 2022-2023

Below is the fees structure payable by both continuing and new students for the academic year 2021/2023.

     SECTION        NEW                  STUDENTS   CONTINUING             STUDENTS
A – Level Boarding      586,500frw       520,000frw
O – Level Boarding      516,500frw       450,000frw
A – Level Day       336,500frw       250,000frw
O – Level Day       266,500frw         250,000frw

Points to note: 

  • No student shall be allowed in school without paying full school fees
  • All payments are strictly made on the school account; 00059-00421797-34 in Bank of Kigali (BK).
  • No student shall be allowed in school without medical insurance: mituelle de sante or other medical insurances
  • Water bottle for drinking water
  • All students without School sweaters should report to school after having paid 9500frw on the above school account
  • No day schooling for candidate classes

Reporting to school for next term

Arrival time; All students shall be expected to reach school between 8:00am and 4:00pm. And no student is supposed to arrive at school beyond that time.


   Mushumba Alex                                      Arinaitwe Gilbert

  School Principal            D.P Academics