The primary level is based on value-driven learning where our inclusive environment builds confident learners who contribute positively to society. We achieve this with a warm smile, creative learning, and prioritizing the well-being of our learners. We are committed to guiding our learners to persevere, to have the courage to make mistakes, and to recognize setbacks as learning opportunities. Our skilled and experienced educators encourage our learners to be curious about the world and to use their creative energies both in the classroom and beyond. We have high expectations for all of our learners, which is based on a fundamental belief that all children can improve and achieve. By having a growth mindset, our learners seek out challenges and become champions of their own learning. Our classroom environments offer stimulating learning experiences where our learners build on the core learning powers of resilience, resourcefulness, and reflectiveness. In our holistic program, children learn how to learn and self-regulate to become lifelong learners. Our dedicated and experienced educators use a variety of assessments to give learners the scaffolding they need at the right time, in the right way; personalizing the learning.  The English language is a highlight of our offering as a school, with a program designed for our learners to master subjects in public speaking.